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Hey, we're Digital Media Edge

We're a digital marketing company with a passion for helping you plan a digital strategy that will engage, connect and generate customers through inbound marketing & sales.

  • Attract

    Pull strangers in to your business with relevant, interesting, educational and entertaining content including videos, articles and blog posts. Engage and connect with your audience, adding value to turn strangers into visitors.

  • Convert

    Engage new visitors with remarkable content on your website and social media channels to build value, authority and trust. As the relationship develops, include forms, Landing Pages and Call to Actions with “Lead Magnet” offers turning the visitor into a Lead.

  • Close

    Nurture leads with focused email content, blog posts and social media content to continue building the relationship, trust and value. Develop low value “Tripwire Offers” to turn the lead into a customer.

  • Delight

    Deliver a remarkable service to each and every customer. Delight them with your product and service to build loyalty and repeat business. Remarkable service will turn customers into raving fans, advocates and promoters of your business. Develop a system which makes your customers the stars of your business.

  • Maintain

    At DME, we offer our customers extensive support...

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At DigitalMediaEdge, we provide a freee 30 minue consultation with our experienced team of inbound marketing experts. If this sounds good to you, check out the video below to find out more about who we are and what we can offer you.

Free Consultation

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