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Social media, it's everywhere. As a soceity, we're all more connected than ever before and more than we ever thought possible a mere 15 years ago. For business, there isn't a better time than the present to be out socialising on the web. It's new, it's exciting and it's guarenteed to make your customers feel cared after and appreciated. Here at Digital Media Edge, we know this more than anyone, which is why we've curated the finest tips to help you get started on your own little slice of the social media revolution.

Social Listening

Social Listening refers to the process of tracking conversations through social media based on specific key words, phrases or brands. Those in the know use this data that they've collected to create brand new content for their audiences and thus discover new marketing opportunities. For this process to be as rewarding as possible, you must be monitoring multiple streams of data, not simply your @mentions.

Social Influencing

Social Influencing is a relatively new form of marketing that uses the influence of social media in order to impact customer behaviour. What does this mean exactly? Essentially once your business has built up a substantial social presence, a sizable ammount of your follower base will be prepared to entertain your thoughts and opinions on products and services, potentially influencing their purchasing habits.

Social Networking

Networking is pretty self explanitory in the context of social media. It refers to the practice of talking to, providing content for and listening to your customer base that uses social media to interact with you. For example, when a customer tags your account in a post about an issue they face, taking the time to read and respond to this can be the difference between a customer and opponent.

Social Selling

Social Selling is all about using your social media presence to find the right prospects, build trusted and reliable relationships and ultimately achieve your sales goals and by using a network the user already knows and trusts, this process is much easier. Using Social Selling is guarenteed to provide better lead generation and this process elliminates the need for traditional marketing tools such as cold calling.

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