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Kickstart your business growth in the next 90 days

90 Day Lead & Revenue Growth Accelerator

The 90-Day Growth Accelerator will deliver the results you need to hit your targets. 


Recognise these problems?


  • Revenue targets not being hit

  • Your Sales are unpredictable 

  • Not enough quality leads for your sales team

  • Leads falling from your pipeline due to long sales cycles

  • Previous agencies have been costly and ineffective

  • You are wondering what to do and where to turn

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90 Day Lead & Revenue Growth Accelerator - £6000

How does the 90 Day Lead & Revenue Growth Accelerator work ?

Initially developed as a “proof of concept” service pack for new and start up B2B businesses, to get started with DME, it will deliver new leads and revenue growth into your business quickly.

We realised the potential of the 90 Day Lead & Revenue Growth Accelerator as a stand alone product for all businesses who wanted to kick-start or accelerate predictable business growth.

We encourage every new client to go through this programme before discussing longer term retainer services. It is low risk, low cost and produces results in a short space of time.

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Month 1 - Systems & Positioning

We undertake detailed pre-work with you prior to launch, so we hit the ground running. Month 1 is focused on strategy and targeting before setting up your growth platform and systems. The goal is to develop a suite of tools to automate, measure and report on the success of each step of the process. We then examine your core offer and ensure it is positioned correctly in front of your target buyer.

Month 2 - Conversion & Mini-Funnel

Month 2 is all about conversion, the heart of scaleable business growth. We help you set up a mini-funnel that gives predictable conversion metrics at each stage of the process and drives active buyers into your CRM. Then we examine and improve your sales process to ensure these prospects and leads are nurtured correctly to convert them into customers and revenue. We finish Month 2 by launching your first paid ads to start driving volume.

Month 3 - Accelerate & Optimise

Now you have a highly converting mini-funnel, systems and metrics to report on what is working and a sales process to nurture leads through your funnel – it is time to add volume and accelerate your lead and revenue growth. We will add targeted paid traffic into the funnel, use analytics to measure ROI and optimise for improved results. We will also look at adding organic traffic, social media and content strategies to expand.

90 Day Lead & Revenue Acclerator

[VIDEO] Kick-Start Your Business Growth

Drive increased leads and revenue in 90 days or less.

If you run a B2B business and want to kick-start of accelerate your business growth then you need to watch this video to see what is working in 2021.

This is not theory but what we are doing with out clients everyday to drive results.

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If you own, run or work in a B2B business and are looking to grow your business leads, customers and revenue by 20 – 30% over the next 12 months, then let’s have a 15 minute chat about your goals, challenges, gaps and timescales. Unlock the true power of inbound marketing, sales and account-based marketing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that every project and client has different goals, challenges, gaps, resources and timelines. Here are some of the commonly asked questions that we receive. But if you have anything else you want to know then use the live chat or reach out via the form at the bottom of the page.

Why should I sign up for the programme?

There is one reason to sign up for the 90 Day Lead & Revenue Growth Accelerator above all else. It will get you results that will kick-start your business growth.

There is no other programme we have come across that will drive faster or more predictable outcomes for your business. If you own, run or work in a B2B business, particularly in technology, creative or marketing agency (yes we help other agencies grow all the time), renewable energy, waste management, recycling, eco-environment, fire and security or consultancy sectors, this is ideal for you.

How does the programme work?

Split into 3 phases over 12 weeks. Each element of the programme will focus on building better systems, better positioning of your product (offer), better sales process and better reporting on the success of each element.

We help you identify the right targets, goals and outcomes to get tangible measurable results. Once your marketing and sales processes are working better together you will be able to confidently expand your opportunities by targeting your ideal customers, resulting in higher conversion and improved ROI.

What results will I get from this programme?

The two main results we see every day for clients on the 90 Day Lead & Revenue Growth Accelerator is a higher volume and higher quality of targeted lead who convert more readily into customers. The ability to report and measure the effectiveness of each stage of your sales pipeline will allow you to make data driven decisions on how to scale up and accelerate your growth.

Your sales team will be talking to good-fit engaged buyers on a daily basis and and not wasting time on non-qualified leads that will never buy.

How much does it cost?

We charge a fixed fee of £6000 + VAT for the entire programme. For this investment you will get the entire team at DME focused on developing and executing your 90 Day Lead & Revenue Growth Accelerator programme with you, as a true team within a team. The average client is seeing leads and revenue by the end of Week 8 and the programme is designed to pay for itself by the end of Week 12.

**This cost excludes a small budget for paid campaigns and also the payment of a Hubspot licence which is required for the execution of this programme.

How quickly can I expect to see results?

On every project DME focus on bringing our unique inbound knowledge and expertise, to work alongside your own in-house team.

We will identify what skills and resources a client already has internally and bring our own expertise to compliment those skills and ensure that targets are hit.

We will run internal coaching and training sessions, to align your existing teams around the overall goals and milestones. We pride ourselves on being a team within a team.

What is my commitment?

We ask every client to commit to work as hard as we will on their business growth for the entire 3 months. This includes in the strategic pre-work to get ready for launch and any business who does not complete all the pre-work will face a delay to the start of their programme. We expect weekly team meetings and also update / review meetings at the end of each week, to report back on results and set up next steps. At the end of the 90 Days you are free to walk away, use DME to train your team further or enter a longer term retainer to work on other areas of your business.

Connect With DME

If you have any questions regarding the creation or execution of an effective marketing and sales strategy for your business, please reach out and get in touch. Call, message, email or live chat - Whatever suits you...

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