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This is a live Q&A show on modern business growth strategy

The next live show is all about modern growth strategy, how to plan one out and how to execute on your strategy. If you have any questions for the next show then simply ask them in the form below and we will be happy to answer them.

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AskDME Live Show - How to watch the show

[VIDEO] How to watch & engage with the live show

One of the most common questions we get asked is "what is the best way to engage with the show live ?" 

LinkedIn Event - We recommend going to LinkedIn and visiting the "event" - then click "attend" and come back on the day of the show. This will allow you to submit your questions, complete in polls and also to use the event chat to engage with us during the show.

Website - You can of course bookmark and return to this page, as the show is streamed live to the top of the page.

Other options include:

Twitter - Follow the DME Twitter feed and watch on there

Facebook - Follow the Facebook page and view on there

YouTube - Subscribe to the DME YouTube Channel and view on there.

Upcoming Shows for 2021

Here is a list of our upcoming AskDME live shows - Get them in your diary.

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Watch Previous Episodes of #AskDME Live

Episode #1 - February 2021 - Ask Us Anything Q&A

A great first show in which we discuss inbound marketing, search engine optimisation, pillar pages and topic clusters and planning out a growth strategy to bounce back from lockdown.

Episode #2 - March 2021 - Dan Tyre - Client Engagement

In the 2nd show we were lucky enough to have Dan Tyre, a director, author, mentor and sales coach on to discuss developing an inbound organisation and the importance of customer engagement.

Episode #3 - April 2021 - Growth Strategy - Coming

April's show is all about modern business growth strategy - how to plan one out, how to execute your strategy and how to measure the outcomes. This will be a show to really get engaged with.