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AskDME Live Show

Join us for our live monthly Q&A shows, where we are joined by special guests and answer your questions about growing a seven figure business.

Watch The Latest Show Here - Wednesday 19th January 2022 - 12noon

“Unlocking Business Revenue Growth In 2022"

Where are you currently in your business growth and what are the next steps you need to take to scale up in 2022. 

In the next #AskDME live show Richard, the CEO of DME answered a number of questions which came in across 2021 regarding business revenue growth and getting out of the "famine or feast" income model and into a more predictable revenue model.

Submit your questions for the 16th of Feb show below!



Submit any question you have for the next AskDME live show in the form below

We love to answer business owners questions on seven figure business growth, so whatever question you may have, simply ask it below. Anything from growth strategy planning, traffic and lead generation, sales and customer acquisition, lead nurturing, content marketing, soical media marketing, client engagement, customer marketing or systems and Hubspot.




How to watch & engage with the live show

One of the most common questions we get asked is "what is the best way to engage with the show live ?" 

LinkedIn Event - We recommend going to LinkedIn and visiting the "event" - then click "attend" and come back on the day of the show. This will allow you to submit your questions, complete in polls and also to use the event chat to engage with us during the show.

Website - You can of course bookmark and return to this page, as the show is streamed live to the top of the page.

Other options include:

AskDME Live Show - How to watch the show


Upcoming shows for 2022

AskDME Show - January 2022

Weds 16th Feb
12 noon

"Developing Your Niche Influence" - With Special Guest Peter Watson

Upcoming show icon 1

Weds 16th March
12 noon

"Building A Conversion Focused Website" - With Special Guest John Aiken - Web Canopy Studios

Upcoming show icon 1

Weds 20th Apr
12 noon

"Driving Engagement With Video Marketing" - Ash & Luke from Wallbreaker

Upcoming show icon 1

Weds 18th May
12 noon


Watch Previous Episodes of #AskDME Live

Episode #1 - February 2021 - Ask Us Anything Q&A

A great first show in which we discuss inbound marketing, search engine optimisation, pillar pages and topic clusters and planning out a growth strategy to bounce back from lockdown.

Episode #2 - March 2021 - Dan Tyre - Client Engagement

In the 2nd show, we were lucky enough to have Dan Tyre, a director, author, mentor and sales coach on to discuss developing an inbound organisation and the importance of customer engagement.

Episode #3 - April 2021 - Business Growth Strategy

April's show was all about modern business growth strategy - how to plan one out, how to execute your strategy and how to measure the outcomes. Some great questions asked and answered.

Episode #4 - May 2021 - Leveraging Systems and Technology To Drive Growth

Special Guest Gemma Price from HubGem joined our own Rachel Howlett to discuss leveraging technology, systems and processes to scale up and grow your business faster than ever. They covered topics such as effective use of CRM software, marketing automation tools, social media tools and platforms such as HubSpot to pull it all together.

Episode #5 - June 2021 - Richard Mawer - Unstoppable Lead Generation

Show #5 was all about creating unstoppable lead generation for your business. Attracting the right "good fit" lead is a major part of predictable business growth. Not all leads are created equal and Richard shared what is working in modern lead generation. We cover everything from the most effective lead sources, to using paid traffic and social media for leads.

Episode #6 - July 2021 - The Rise of Flexible Working

We will be joined by Will Stokes the founder of Co Space to talk about remote and hybrid working for modern teams and how it can increase productivity and drive bottom-line growth for your business while saving you money and overheads. Post-COVID remote working has become a part of day to day business for many companies and the benefits are many.

Episode #7 - September 2021 -Unlocking Conversion Driven Growth For Your Business

In Episode #7 of the #AskDME Live show, we focus on answering questions on conversion optimisation in your business to drive predictable growth. The two points of conversion that have the biggest impact on revenue and growth are website and sales pipeline conversion. We look at both in detail.

Episode #8 - October 2021 - The 5 Steps To Driving 50% B2B Revenue Growth In 2022

What are the steps that every modern business needs to take to drive 50% revenue growth next year? In this month’s DMELive show we are joined by a very special guest in Nathan Van Der Laan from Hubspot who will share proven advice, tips and strategies on what he has seen working over the past 12 months and he sees working going forward into 2022.

Episode #9 - November 2021 - Selling Is A Skill That Drives Growth

In this month’s live show we are joined by one of the UK's leading sales trainers, in Austen Hempstead, who will share proven advice, tips and strategies to show you that selling is a skill that you and your team can learn. Sales conversion and predictable customer acquisition through a structured sales process and pipeline is at the heart of growing your business revenue.

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