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- Case Study -

The Bluecastle Group

Learn how the 90 Day Lead and Revenue Accelerator Programme generated 33 new leads, 12 new customers and £22k of revenue in the first 3 months.


Founded in 2002, The Blue Castle Group is one of the UK’s most innovative and environmentally conscious waste management and utilities providers. Using expert services and products, Blue Castle helps businesses to increase their waste recycling, decrease their operating costs and implement environmentally friendly operational solutions.

They approached Digital Media Edge to help them develop a more effective digital strategy, marketing, sales and service process. Then introduce a system at the heart of the business to measure everything.


The growth of "closed loop" recycling, a groundbreaking innovative new technology designed in house at Lincolnshire based Blue Castle Group, CEO Marie Harley recognised that they needed a robust delivery.

Optimising their opportunity and gaining their rightful share in bringing their product to market would be paramount to restructuring their business.

Their product not only saves companies money and space BUT they can take discarded materials and return it to its original reusable state, creating that closed loop.

Digital Media Edge stepped in with their new concept 12 week programme to deliver targeted results at speed.

The Challenge

BCG were aware that their services are needed now more than ever.

Responding to international climate change and environmental awareness, the need for Policies and Corporate Social Responsibility being high on business agendas they want to enable their clients to be pioneering.

As with many businesses BCG had been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, from the initial lockdown through the second wave and lockdown, however they were determined to use this as an opportunity to restructure the business and put in place a strategy to not just bounce-back but to grow to £10m in the next 3 years.

Marie Harley, the company CEO, recognised that they had a dedicated, skilled sales and customer service teams but that they needed support in updating and managing their processes. They needed more features and better integrations.

The in-house software was not contributing to their overall business growth. Blue Castle Group needed a cohesive strategy across their service, product, marketing, and sales delivery that would treat their business model as a flywheel and place the customer at the center.

The Solution

DME proposed the 90 day Lead & Revenue Accelerator programme of activity built with collaboration of their design agency and their identified referral partner Soyang. Using this as a template for future campaigns with additional potential referral partners this would help increase the overall volume of successful leads.

Working with DME was like a breath of fresh air compared to other agencies we have worked with in the past

With the help of the DME HubSpot onboarding and marketing team, Blue Castle Group concentrated on its first campaign, PVC Banner Recycling Scheme and is continuing to use HubSpot software to optimise its online marketing, sales processes and customer nurture.

Throughout delivery of this campaign the BCG team were supported in:

● Introduction of and learning new technologies
● Blog content to educate their audience
● Mentoring of their Management team
● Identification, collaboration and sourcing of content and resources
● Been supported in the restructure of their processes
● Sales and optimisation
● Flywheel and mini funnel
● Sample social media
● Added Value
● Team Expertise
● Collaboration
● Identification of market opportunities current and new
● Analytics

Following successful completion of the PVC recycling campaign a report and audit has been delivered to BCG to support their growth aims and targets.

The Results

As you can see from the video above, the results of the pre-work and 90 Day Lead and Revenue Accelerator programme were incredible, with £22k of revenue generated within the three months and the setting up of a system in Hubspot to increase efficiency, conversion and give a single source of truth for the business. 


Leads Generated


New Customers


Revenue Generated



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