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Growth Strategy + Launch Day

Get started by creating an effective growth strategy to ensure that your strategy is driving your tactics every day. Our 2-month strategy creation and development programme is aimed at putting every element in place to guarantee successful business growth.

As part of this service, DME will host a full strategy launch day for you, your management, marketing, sales, service and operations teams to ensure complete alignment around your growth goals.

Why the lack of a strategy is preventing so many businesses from reaching their potential

We speak with hundreds of business to business clients every year and the overwhelm and lack of clarity the owners feel when trying to grow their business revenue in a predictable manner constantly comes back to the lack of an effective strategy being in place and executed on a daily basis.

The result is the feeling that they don't know what steps to take next to keep their business moving forward, they become frustrated and overwhelmed. However, once they put a detailed strategy in place, they know exactly what to do, what is working and what is not. 


Where Are You On Your  Business Growth Journey


Let your strategy drive your tactics

A core element of modern business growth is having an effective growth strategy, with key growth metrics being measured and communicated across your business.

The lack of clarity that many business owners feel is because they fail to create a strategy that is being systematically executed on a daily basis to drive growth. The lack of direction can cause confusion amongst key team members and a lack of alignment around revenue goals.

At DME we have always advocated a "strategy first" approach and this service will put in place an effective grwoth strategy for your business. Finally a Strategy Launch Day will be hosted by DME to ensure complete alignment across your business.

Remember that modern seven-figure business growth is driven by planning out a detailed and measurable strategy. See what you need to invest to get this right, by downloading your Pricing Guide below.

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The Elements Of An Effective Growth Strategy

System Set Up _ Integration



The strategy overview and story of the business should be clearly differentiated in the eyes of the market.

  • Growth Goals Overview

  • Marketing & Sales Plans

  • Origin Story

  • Mission & Vision

  • Values & Culture

  • Visual Brand, Style, Tone of Voice and Strapline

  • Website Design and UX
Marketing _ Lead Capture



What does the best customer look like? Ideal Customer Profile and Buyer Personas.

  • Target Market (Sector)

  • Buyer Personas (People)

  • Analyse Existing Customers (CLV & COCA) & Buying Cycle

  • Define & Segment Existing Audience

  • Competitive Landscape

  • Content Strategy

  • Social Media Strategy
Automation _ Reporting



What offers, products, services and solutions does the buyer need to solve their pain and get them to the prize.

  • Operational Delivery

  • People Strategy

  • Sales Content & Conversion Offers

  • Lead Nurturing & Sales Process

  • Product / Solution / Service

  • Growth Software & Automation Tools

  • Reporting dashboards

Your Strategy Launch Day 

Once the strategy is in place, it is time to align your entire business around launching and executing the strategy. DME will host a full launch day and a half day follow-up with your team, including senior management, marketing, sales, service and operations, to ensure that everyone is fully aligned.

The day is split into four sessions:

Part 1 - Goals Overview and Situational Assessment.

Part 2 - Market Identification, including detailed buyer personas and positioning.

Part 3 - Attract & Engage - Marketing and Sales Growth plans, content and conversion offers.

Part 4 - Systems, Processes and Metrics build.

The day is designed around a comprehensive walk-through of your strategy to align individual teams around the overall growth goals and the parts that they play in the achievement of these goals.

Download Pricing Guide

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