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HubSpot Onboarding

Personal, structured, effective 90-day HubSpot onboarding for you and your team onto HubSpot Professional Hubs. Maximise your investment and drive quick results.

Tailored to your business needs and goals

Our exclusive 90-day onboarding allows you to get up and running as quickly as possible with a personalised HubSpot portal tailored to your business. We focus on getting to know the team and company we will be working with so we can understand your business goals, what matters to you and how we can best tailor the delivery to suit your needs. 

This includes:

  • Meeting the key people in your team

  • Understanding your business goals and target market

  • Understanding your marketing, sales and customer success process

  • Learning about where you operate and any competitors in the market

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DME Hubspot Onboarding Video - Final


CRM & Marketing Pro Hub Onboarding

When DME onboard clients we create a bespoke and exclusive service to fit your needs, starting with a call where we can establish your goals, needs and requirements and define the marketing tools that we need to integrate with your HubSpot CRM.

Now we have an understanding of your company we can start with systematic technical onboarding which includes many different elements, below we have given you an overview of many of the elements, but not all, that we will cover. Our goal is to finish your onboarding by launching your first campaign and generating new leads as soon as possible.

System Set Up _ Integration

Weeks 1 - 4

System Set Up & Integration


Initial system configuration and integration of key functionality including:

  • Customised onboarding business plan

  • CRM and contact management tools including lists, custom fields etc.

  • Inbox, email and calendar integration

  • Initial Campaign set up

  • HubSpot tracking set up

  • Domain connections

  • Website integration

  • SEO tool set up

  • Live chat and chatbot set up

Marketing _ Lead Capture

Weeks 5 - 8

Marketing & Lead Capture


Capture, nurture and convert leads.
Set up of lead generation tools including:

  • Initial campaign set up

  • Calls to action

  • Landing pages

  • Lead capture forms

  • Lead flows

  • Pillar content set up

  • Blog set up

  • Marketing email set up

  • Follow up email set up

  • Lead scoring and lead hand-off

Automation _ Reporting

Weeks 9 - 12

Automation & Reporting


Marketing Automation, Social Media Set up, Reporting & Dashboards including:

  • Workflow automation

  • Goal setting

  • Campaign tools

  • Paid Ad set up

  • Social media accounts connection

  • Social media publishing

  • Smart content

  • Cross object reporting

  • Custom report creation

  • Reporting dashboards


HubSpot expertise from a leading Gold Partner

As an experienced HubSpot user and leading Gold Solutions Partner who has onboarded many of our own clients, we can onboard you faster and more effectively than the HubSpot-offered onboarding.

We can help you seamlessly move from set up to integration and execution through our proven 90-day onboarding system. We have identified what works in HubSpot CRM, Marketing, Sales and Service Hubs and we love sharing our knowledge with our clients to allow them to maximise data-driven lead generation, customer acquisition and client engagement.


Who we have delivered Hubspot Onboarding for

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Sales Hub Onboarding

Super-charge your sales team

We understand that you may have purchased Sales Hub professional alongside your Marketing hub, with the above onboarding, you can incorporate additional Sales Hub training to ensure your sales team leverage the power of sales tools including:

  • Sales pipeline management

  • Account-based marketing targeting tools

  • Calling tools

  • Video prospecting and email outreach

  • Meetings tool set up

  • Lead scoring and prioritising based on prospect actions

  • Personalised email follow-up and automated email sequences

  • Product Library

  • Quotes

  • Sales reporting including activity

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Service Hub Onboarding

Delight your customers

We understand that you may have purchased Service Hub professional alongside your Marketing hub, with the above onboarding, you can incorporate additional Service Hub training to ensure your customer support team leverage service tools including:

  • Service chatbot - Live chat integration

  • Support ticket pipeline set up

  • Service task automation

  • Knowledge base set up

  • Video hosting and management

  • Contact scoring

  • Scoring and NPS, customer experience, and support surveys

  • Show how to use and implement video emails

  • Set up sequences for personalised automated follow-up

  • Set up reporting and goal setting

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Below you will see a link to my diary. Select a date and time that works for you and I look forward to talking through your business growth goals and sharing some ideas of what we have seen working in B2B marketing and sales to drive more traffic, leads, customers and revenue.

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