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- Case Study -


Learn how DME worked over 18 months with Salestrong to develop their digital strategy, content and social media mix to position the owner as a thought-leader in the sales industry.


Founded in 2002, The Blue Castle Group is one of the UK’s most innovative and environmentally conscious waste management and utilities providers. Using expert services and products, Blue Castle helps businesses to increase their waste recycling, decrease their operating costs and implement environmentally friendly operational solutions.

They approached Digital Media Edge to help them develop a more effective digital strategy, marketing, sales and service process. Then introduce a system at the heart of the business to measure everything.


Salestrong is a sales performance consultancy focused on delivering training and coaching programmes to teams and their leaders in a bid to build capability and drive sales growth.

Established in 2013, the company was reliant on several large corporate clients and approached Digital Media Edge as they recognised the need to broaden their client base.

They also wanted to position themselves as thought-leaders in the sales coaching and training sector.

The Challenge

DME carried out an initial audit and diagnostic into Salestrong's existing strategy and digital assets. It was clear that the business had grown organically over 5 years and was reactive and tactical, rather than having an effective digital strategy in place, a strategy that would identify the tactics that would work, specify target personas and answer the questions that these personas were asking. 

The existing website was a recent investment and while it looked clean and modern, it was not producing any leads for the business, with no conversion elements, calls to action, content and landing pages in place to convert visitors into leads in the database.

Finally the blog content and social media content mix was poor and was failing to connect and engage with the target audience or position Salestrong as thought-leaders in the market.

The Solution

Digital Media Edge practice a strategy first approach and it was clear from our initial market research that Sales Coaching and training is a very corporate environment.  We believed Salestrong could break the mould with a highly personal and social approach, backed up with a good volume of really high-quality content.

DME developed our digital strategy and positioned me as a thought-leader in the sales industry.

As well as opening up multiple social platforms, we also presented the company founder Steve as the figurehead for all online activity, focusing heavily on creating lots of video and written content from his point of view in a bid to further establish a sense of authority in the marketplace.

From this point we were then able to:

  • Create an engaging YouTube channel with Steve at the forefront, complete with search engine optimised videos, branded thumbnails and playlists.
  • Focus on a quality, up to date blog with embedded video content and optimised key words.
  • Implement a structured social media schedule that saw regular content go out utilising effective hashtags, tagging in key influencers and joining key conversations.
  • Update the website to create a cleaner, more modern design with welcome video and simple event promotion to generate interest.
  • Set up two opt-in email campaigns to increase awareness and generate new clients.
  • Ensure web pages and social media pages used the latest technology to track traffic and build custom audiences to generate leads.

The Results

Over 18 months we covered a huge amount of ground, establishing the Salestrong social platforms and setting the groundwork for their ongoing digital strategy. We’ve seen the following results:

  • A 900% increase in Twitter followers
  • Facebook impressions jump from 149 to 10.2K per month
  • Over 500 views of YouTube videos per month
  • LinkedIn follower reach up from 54 to 2,851
  • Website traffic consistently growing week by week as new users and page views grow as a result of organic search and social media pushes

To find out more about Salestrong and see our work in action visit salestrong.co.uk


Twitter Followers


Monthly Facebook Impressions


Monthly LinkedIn Reach



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