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The STEPS Growth Methodology

Over the past 7 years, working with hundreds of clients, we have developed a proven approach to modern B2B business growth. A structured step-by-step process built around 5 core elements that guarantee predictable lead and revenue growth, year on year.

We are a team of digital marketing and sales growth experts with an unrivalled depth of experience in helping business to business clients grow seven figure businesses.

Our proven STEPS methodology delivers predictable strategy, traffic, engagement, promoters and systems for your business. Let us help you unlock structured lead and revenue growth as you grow towards seven figures and more.

How we developed the STEPS Growth Method

Our proven STEPS growth methodology has helped multiple B2B clients achieve seven figures and more for their business.

Digital Media Edge are a fully accredited HubSpot Gold partner agency with a data driven, outcome focused approach. We will help you to drive increased traffic, lead generation, engagement, customer acquisition and build a system at the heart of your business that is easy to use and measures everything.

About DME - The DME Difference


Our exclusive STEPS Growth Methodology

After working with hundreds of business to business clients and helping them grow, we have identified what does and what doesn't work. The simple fact is that modern business growth does not happen by chance or by luck, it is predictable, measurable and planned.

We created the STEPS methodology around the principles and processes that drive predictable growth, the four cornerstones of:

Strategy - Creating an effective growth strategy that is focused on revenue growth and alignment of the entire business.

Traffic - Attracting highly-targeted traffic and unstoppable lead generation that converts that traffic into leads in your CRM.

Engagement - Engaging and nurturing your leads through a structured sales process aligned with how your buyer buys.

Promoters - Delight your customers and turn them into promoters who will drive referrals, reviews and upsell revenue. 

At the heart is a connected System of technology and tools, that acts as a single source of truth, measuring what is working and what is not and allowing you to make data-driven decisions on your business growth.

The Steps Growth Method


Do you want to grow your turnover to £1m or more?

If you own, run or work in a B2B business and feel like you are stuck around £350 - 500k and want to scale to £1 million turnover, then let’s have a 30 minute chat about your goals, challenges, gaps and timescales. We will share ideas to help you unlock the true power of proven strategies, process and systems that we have seen work and will help get you there. Click the button below to book a call to talk to one of the team

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Working With DME 

STEPS Growth Strategy

STEPS Growth Strategy Development & Strategy Launch Day

Create an effective measurable growth strategy for your business. After 8 years we are in no doubt that this is the key to predictable lead and revenue growth, identifying the tactics that will work and aligning your entire businness around hitting your revenue growth goals. Once your strategy is in place, DME will run an intensive Strategy Launch Day with your entire organisation. Aligning the C-suite, marketing, sales, operations and service teams around the strategy and revenue goals.

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STEPS 90 Day Lead & Revenue Accelerator

A proof of concept for the STEPS Growth methodology, this has now become the preferred way for the majority of our clients to get started with DME. A structured 3 month programme we will help you put in place a system, traffic and engagement process that turns traffic into leads, sends those leads through a structured sales process, to nurture them into revenue. We focus on developing a mini-funnel, conversion points and metrics before adding volume to drive net new revenue.

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STEPS Growth - 12 Month Retainer

The 12 month STEPS Growth Retainer puts in place the four cornerstones of the methodology and builds out the system at the heart of the business. 
Quarter 1 - Strategy
Quarter 2 - Traffic
Quarter 3 - Engagement
Quarter 4 - Promoters 
By the end of this 12 month period, a client will have in place all the elements they need to scale towards seven figures.

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STEPS Scale Up - Quarterly Retainer

A rolling retainer focused on planning, executing, measuring and optimising each element of the STEPS methodology:
- Growth Strategy
- Traffic & Lead Generation
- Website Optimisation
- Content & Social Media Strategy
- Sales and Client Engagement
All the support you need to scale to seven figures in a predictable data driven way.

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