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STEPS 12 Month Growth Retainer

The most effective way to unlock the full power of the STEPS methodology, creating unstoppable business revenue growth, as you grow towards seven figure turnover and more. A 12 month retainer allowing each quarter to be focused on implementing a key element of the methodology.

The 5 Steps To Seven Figures

After 30 years of running and owning my own business, it is clear that there has never been a better time to grow a £1m business. In fact I would say that every business owner can achieve this goal and more. Modern business growth is planned and predictable.

Over the past 7 years setting up and running DME we have worked with hundreds of business to business clients and become obsessed with developing a step-by-step process, that when followed, allows B2B business owners to put in place the elements they need to grow and we called it the STEPS Growth Method.

The 12 Month STEPS Growth Retainer is all about building a system of processes, tools and metrics at the heart of your business while each quarter we partner with you to implement one of the four cornerstones of STEPS, ensuring they are embedded into your business to drive predictable revenue growth, year on year.

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The Steps Growth Method


How Does The STEPS Growth Retainer Work?

Growth Retainer

Quarter 1 - Strategy

Your strategy drives your tactics. We will create a detailed growth strategy that is implemented, measured and optimised to ensure success, while aligning everyone in your business around revenue goals.

Conversion and Mini Funnel Creation

Quarter 2 - Traffic

Q2 is all about traffic and lead generation. Multiple campaigns will connect and engage a highly-targeted audience with insights and content that will attract them to your website and convert them into leads in your CRM.


Quarter 3 - Engagement

By Q3 you have increasing volumes of highly-targeted traffic to your website and will be converting it into leads. The focus is engagement and nurturing, moving each lead through a structured sales process to become a customer.


Quarter 4 - Promoters

Q4 is all about delighting your customers and turn them into promoters who will drive referrals, testimonials, case studies and reviews, while increasing revenue by creating cross-sell and upsell opportunities.


Systems - Set Up & Integration

You must systemise to optimise. The missing piece of the puzzle for most businesses we work with is the lack of a connected system of tools. processes and metrics. A great system at the heart of your business will act as a single source of truth from which you can measure everything and make data driven decisions. A system is also the secret behind scaling your business.

Over the 12 months we will help you set up, integrate and embrace the power of Hubspot. An all-in-one CRM, Marketing, Sales, Service and Operations Hub that will give you a powerful connected system of tools. 

Our expert team will ensure that every member of your team is onboarded and using this system in the right way, to increase efficiency and the accuracy of the data you have at your fingertips. You will have complete clarity on what is working and what to focus your time on, as you grow towards seven-figures.

Frequently Asked Questions

What next? - The STEPS Quarterly Scale Up Retainer

Scale Up & Accelerate Growth

Over the initial 12 months, we will have put in place all the core elements of the STEPS methodology, your business will now be growing towards seven-figures. Now is the time to optimise and accelerate that growth at scale.
The Scale Up retainer is a rolling quarterly programme which focuses on:

  • Strategy - Constantly evolving your strategy to accelerate growth in the right areas and identify new opportunities.
  • Traffic - Adopting a campaign approach to lead generation, ensuring you are optimising your traffic sources and attracting highly targeted leads.
  • Engagement - Optimising your engagement and conversion metrics, to ensure your sales process is converting at every stage. Pipeline management and development.
  • Promoters - Optimised customer service and client engagement to drive more referrals, repeat orders, reviews, case studies and testimonials.
  • System - You will now have a system at the heart of your business that everyone is using, is a single source of truth and measuring the right metrics to ensure you make data driven decisions. We will continue to support the development of your system.

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The Steps Growth Method


Growth Retainer

Evolve Your Growth Strategy

Your Growth Strategy is an evolving piece of work. It needs to be re-visited every 12 months and react to the the data. What is working? What is not working? and What needs optimising? 

Conversion and Mini Funnel Creation

Increase Traffic & Lead Generation

Effective traffic and lead generation is constantly changing, where are the eyes and ears of your target audience? What do you need to add in to your marketing mix? Are your sales and marketing teams talking to each other and creating more content?


Optimise Engagement & Sales Process

Conversion at every stage of your sales process needs optimising. Are you reducing friction as leads move along the pipeline? Where are the blocks and how can you improve conversion?


Delight Your Customers & Increase Referrals

Continue to evolve your service delivery, form focus groups of customers, survey them to innovate and improve every element of what you do, start measuring NPS and put in place rewards for referrals.


Leverage The Power Of Your System - Unlock Scale

You will now have a system in place that is:

  • Easy to use 
  • Embraced by everyone in your business
  • Fully connected
  • Increases efficiency 
  • Measures everything

Now is the time to maximise the power of the system, processes and tools to scale your business effortlessly towards seven figures.



Do you want to grow your turnover to £1m or more?

If you own, run or work in a B2B business and feel like you are stuck around £350 - 500k and want to scale to £1 million turnover, then let’s have a 30 minute chat about your goals, challenges, gaps and timescales. We will share ideas to help you unlock the true power of proven strategies, process and systems that we have seen work and will help get you there. Click the button below to book a call to talk to one of the team.

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